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A dreamer in the realms of poetry, music, writing, and amateur photography.

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May. What a beautiful sounding month. One that gives permission and offers opportunity. We may in May. One that sounds close to nature. Flowers are allowed to bloom across the land like little LED lights hung over a house that have permission to illuminate windows and nearby cars with new light, because we may in May. Flowers like forget-me-nots, whose petals often bloom the blues for everyone still in the dark, I think thrive best around this time. In my opinion, why their popularity prospers is for a much greater reason than permission.

Memory, I feel, is one of the more important reasons. Forget me not, because now is a time for many out there where we begin to cross that line from schoolwork and college into vacation time or summer endeavors. Many will be traveling and getting out of town. The ones who stay in the city might have jobs to tend to. For the few whose time isn't imprisoned, like yours truly, they reflect because we may in May. A lot of us will be saying our goodbyes to our classmates and colleagues, and today I'm hoping they forget me not.

In my Geology class I've gotten the opportunity to bond with the team I'm in that the professor set up out of about 4 or 5. Every morning we would have conversations before class started and I still find myself surprised by the reminder that as simple as a person may come off as, there's almost always a story behind the face that goes a long way into understanding them. The person I hugged in the last journal I wrote is from this class. I heard her stories about how she deals with a family member fighting cancer, and one day out of the blue I just decided to ask her "Do you want a hug?", to which she graciously accepted.

That reminds me of what happened Wednesday last week. We were talking about how this is essentially it for us. Even though we'll still see each other in the hallways and all, we're probably not going to get to hang out on a daily basis again. That same woman I hugged so long ago was thanking me for how kind I've been to her. See, in class I tended to make her laugh or managed to say something kind or sweet at the right moment and it meant more to her than I realized. As we shared one more hug, I got this idea to sing this cute little tune I wrote many years ago and never bothered to finish:

You're so beautiful,
In every single way.
You're so wonderful,
And I love you to death each day...

I'll always remember that smile when she told me I made her day.

Love is another one of the many things that make forget-me-nots so notable in my mind. While some livelier, sweeter times thrive in the past, these flowers keep those memories alive today by standing in as a symbol for them. You will always be remembered for meaning it. You will always be remembered for the foundation you gave that other person. For these, you are thanked for existing. A simple little flower like a forget-me-not can say all of this without a word through big, vibrant petals that stand happily on a solid stem that gets stronger and stronger every time the wind blows. It's so much more powerful when you see it in the moment.

Speaking of the moment, I'm still in the thick of finals but I have many plans for the summer. I'm still personally in the chase for success. I still want to celebrate. I can accomplish things and reach milestones in what's left of May and any time after. Just stay tuned. I'll see you all jump in June.

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Can't arrest me for virtual graffiti! :3
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